This week, Louis is joined by Amanda Nudelman, a former classmate at the University of San Diego who now also lives in the Bay Area. Louis and Amanda got a chance to meet up and discuss what she has been up to since college, including her time working at a tech company and her eventual return to the art world. They also discuss Black Light, an exhibition she co-curated alongside her curatorial practice classmates at the California College of the Arts. Currently showing at the Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, Black Light converts the gallery space into a forum for conversation and exchange, taking form as a series of events that address the relationship between cultural institutions and black artists.

To learn more about Black Light and the series of events in conjunction with the show visit the Wattis Institute website or like the “Black Light” Page on Facebook. You can also follow the exhibition on Instagram @blacklight2017.

Thanks again to Richie Cunning (@richiecunning) for providing the intro music.

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